Financing 101: Why Are Canadians Relying on Online Lenders?

Whether in university with a student loan or running behind on your energy bills, you’d know nothing’s more frustrating than experiencing a cash shortage. It can lead to missed payments and late fees. This frustrating situation can also become even more stressful since it can lead to more significant financial problems. 

Although physical bank loans can help people needing financial assistance, it may not always be ideal, as it usually requires waiting in long queues before getting what they need. Therefore, more people turn to digital lenders and apply for online loans, a quick and easy borrowing option.

If you want convenience and immediate financial assistance, this article will define online loans and why more people invest in this option. 

What’s an Online Loan?

Online loans are a stress-free and hassle-free way to quickly get the money you need. People can apply for this type of cash loan online. That means they don’t need to go to a bank or lender to get this financial assistance physically. The borrower and lender will communicate information digitally, making the application process easy and convenient. 

What’s the Difference between an Online and Bank Loan?

Online loans are more convenient, as you can apply from anywhere with an internet connection. They also have a shorter processing time, and lenders can fund them within a few days or even the same day. Moreover, this new type of financial assistance requires fewer documents and may be available for people with low credit scores due to competition among online lenders. 

On the other hand, bank loans require you to visit a local branch to apply. They also need strong credit scores and a minimum number of years in business for approval.

How Do Online Loans Differ from Alternative Ones? 

Borrowers obtain an alternative loan from sources besides a traditional bank, like credit unions, microlenders, or online loan companies. However, you must remember that not all alternative lenders offer online loan options.  

Although some alternative lenders may have an existing online application process, borrowers may still need to apply over the phone or in person. Therefore, alternative loans may not always be purely online loans.

6 Reasons Canadians Apply for Online Loans

This section will explain why Canadians apply for this digital option. 

1. Convenience

Unlike traditional options, online loans offer the convenience of borrowing money from the comfort of your home with a mobile phone and internet connection. You can browse through loan deals and get the cash quickly.

2. Higher Borrowing Limit

Credit limits limit loans from traditional lenders, while online loans are usually unrestricted. Borrowing amounts from traditional lenders depends on factors like credit score, income, and payment history, while online lenders can provide higher loan amounts for business capital expenditures.

3. Faster Processing Time 

Online cash loans offer faster approval and funding than traditional banks. They require less documentation and have a simple application process, with the lender approving in a few hours and depositing the funds on the same or the next business day.

4. Ideal for Urgent Requirements 

When people urgently need money, they prefer applying for online loans over standing in long queues. Online lenders provide a more convenient and faster option to bridge the financial gap.

5. No Need for Collateral

Online loans rarely require collateral, making it easier and less costly for borrowers. This option lifts the burden of documentation and the costs associated with uploading these materials.

6. More Flexible Repayment Terms

Online loan companies offer longer repayment terms and flexible repayment schedules, allowing borrowers to make smaller, more manageable payments based on their income and expenses.


You deserve to get the needed financial assistance immediately, especially if you need it in an urgent situation. You can get cash without waiting in long queues in the banks by applying for online loans and looking for reputable lenders. 

If you need to apply for online loans for your emergency, visit 365 Canada! We’re ready to help you get the necessary funds with our affordable payments, customized terms, and low-interest rates. Apply now!

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