What’s the Minimum Credit Score to Get a Personal Loan?

When managing your finances, credit scores are one of the most mysterious but essential aspects everyone must understand. Good standing can help you access more financial opportunities, like getting an approved loan or credit card with favourable terms. In contrast, a poor credit score can limit your ability to access credit or result in higher interest rates and fees.

However, other people hesitate to check their scores, even if it’s low, as they fear it will prevent them from getting a personal loan. Fortunately, online lenders have different approval criteria, and you don’t need a minimum number. It can also help rebuild a damaged credit score.

This article will define credit scores and how a personal loan can help improve this critical number. 

What Is a Credit Score?

Your credit score numerically represents your reliability when paying back borrowed money. Getting approved and other financial accounts like renting a property or setting up utilities will be easier with a good credit score. 

How Do Officials Create Your Credit Score?

Two giant Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA), Equifax and TransUnion, will establish your credit score in Canada. They’ll rate your credit score on a scale from 300 to 900. Your credit score will fall somewhere within that range, depending on the information in your credit file, like credit history, payment history, outstanding loans, and credit card balance. 

What Is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is borrowable money used for various purposes, like debt consolidation, home renovations, or weddings. Although banks, credit unions, and online lenders offer this financial assistance, you must repay them later with interest and fees.

Can I Get a Personal Loan with a Low Credit Score?

People commonly assume that a low credit score automatically disqualifies them from getting a personal loan. Traditional Canadian banks are stricter towards those with poor credit histories. However, thanks to online lenders, borrowers now have more options. Some creditors specialize in providing loans to applicants with sub-600 credit scores. 

They may also offer flexible repayment schedules tailored to each applicant’s unique financial situation, ensuring they don’t struggle to make payments. Moreover, some online loans may have open-ended repayment options, allowing borrowers to settle the loan comfortably. 

Can a Trusted Family Member Help You Get This Loan?

Although unnecessary, having a trustworthy family member as a co-signer for your loan application can benefit you when dealing with most lenders. While it will increase the lender’s risk level, remember that it can cause issues with your co-signer if you can’t make payments. If you fail, officials will hold your co-signer liable for your actions. You can avoid unnecessary stress and uphold a good reputation by avoiding this situation. 

How Can a Personal Loan Improve Your Credit Score

Don’t feel discouraged or permanently marked if they consider your credit score “poor.” Remember that your credit score isn’t fixed and can vary depending on your financial management habits. It means it can increase as quickly as it decreases. 

Whether you’re starting from nothing or trying to recover from financial difficulties, taking out a personal loan can benefit your credit score. Consistently making total and timely repayments will demonstrate your reliability, which can improve your credit status. Officials will also report and record this responsible behaviour on your credit file, increasing your credit score.

Like other forms of financial assistance, repaying a personal loan can enhance your credit score as payment history holds 35% significance in determining it. Since it’s significant, you must adhere to your budget when taking out a loan to avoid overextending yourself. 


You don’t need to reach a minimum credit score to obtain a personal loan. You can improve your financial standing by consistently repaying loans early and borrowing from reputable lenders. 

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