Installment Loans vs. Quick Cash Loans: What to Know

Certain loans are superior regardless of purpose. As such, it is critical to determine the right type of loan for you. Because the majority of Canadians will require a loan, make an informed decision before signing. 

Payday loans are known to be a poor choice, while installment loans are excellent. Personal installment loans provide additional alternatives, particularly with online alternative lending. If you do not want to visit a bank or communicate with a professional, we recommend hiring and working with a personal financing provider.

Read on to discover more about installment loans, quick cash loans, and how to determine which option is best for you.

The Purpose of Installment Loans

Installment loans are large, secured or unsecured loans with long repayment terms. Interest and payback terms are fixed.

These adaptable personal loans can be used for debt consolidation, credit improvement, vacations, small renovations, down payments, tuition, auto repairs, medical costs, and other purposes. Installment loans might help to repair or prevent financial problems.

Payday Loans: The Short-term and Pricey Path

Payday loans have the highest interest rates among personal loans. Many people fall into the “payday loan payback trap” because of the high APR and less-than-two-week turnaround (often due to payroll schedules). Payday loans are prohibited in a number of jurisdictions, and their interest rates vary. The maximum loan amount is frequently $1500, which is far more dependent on income than installment loans.

If your cash flow was previously constricted, paying up to $19 per $100 borrowed (as in Ontario) may force you to reborrow to “correct” the problem caused by the initial payday loan. Then, you keep borrowing. The cycle continues indefinitely but ultimately serves little to no purpose.

What You Should Learn about Credit Cards

Credit cards are simple to use and can help boost credit when used correctly. They are also very simple to obtain.

A credit card can be used to buy anything, albeit the monthly fees vary. If you miss several payments, your interest rate may rise. However, if you cannot pay off your credit card account each month, it is the worst thing you can do if your goal is to repay debt.

Installment loans are frequently used to consolidate debt when a borrower has too many credit cards and is unable to meet the minimum monthly payments or pay down the principal.

Moreover, do not apply for a new credit card if you need the money yet are unable to pay existing credit card obligations.

What You Should Know about Title Loans

Secured title loans are a fantastic way to quickly develop credit if you have never used credit before. Secured loans have lower interest rates than payday loans, making them easier to repay.


Simply put, installment loans outperform payday loans by a wide margin. Installment loans are the obvious choice because they include a defined repayment schedule, fixed interest rates, a longer repayment time (if requested), the opportunity to enhance your credit score, and the ability to pledge collateral to acquire lower interest rates.

Payday loans are heavily regulated in Canada for good reason. To protect consumers, the government must regulate this usurious sector. After all, many people are prone to quick cash loans and not having the means to repay them within the loan term.

Installment loans are trustworthy. The most important thing is to repay the principal, regardless of how much you borrow, and payday loans are a terrible decision.

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